Organizing Winter Gear



Organizing Winter Gear


Winter is finally behind us and to get us in the mood for spring and summer, we don’t need to be reminded of the cold winter blues with our winter outdoor clothes insight. Yes it is time to put away are scarfs and hats ladies and gentlemen.

Even though winter is months away, and we will not be using are jackets until then, before I put them away I always like to have them clean and ready to wear for next time.

So to get them ready, here is a checklist:

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How to Clean your Makeup Brushes


How to clean your makeup brushes


Cleaning your makeup brushes is an important part of your beauty routine. It’s one of those things you must do and if you are not doing it, you have to start!

Using the same makeup brushes daily and not cleaning them can clog up your pores, which can cause break outs. Your makeup will not be applied smoothly or properly with last week’s make up on them, and your make up brushes won’t last long either. Taking a few minutes cleaning them weekly, your face and brushes will thank you for it.

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Organizing with DIY Wardrobe Tags



Organizing with DIY Wardrobe Tags MamasCoffeeBreak


When it comes to my kid’s wardrobes, they have clothes not only in their current size but in bigger sizes too, especially my 2 year old. Picking out clothes at times, involve looking for the label for the size. So to eliminate that extra time spent, I decided to make some wardrobe tags for them (well me), that will help organize clothes by age group.

Wardrobe tags are a fun, cheap, easy project and not to mention so satisfying when you open the wardrobe!

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Organizing Cords

Organizing Cords MamasCoffeeBreak


I have a love hate relationship with power cords and cables. I love them for the obvious reasons, but I don’t like when I have to go through them to find the right one. Don’t get me started on the “mystery box” I have. You know the box, right? That’s full of mystery cords all tangled together, that nobody knows or remembers what item it is for and nobody wants to throw them out just in case??…. Cricket…cricket!! Or is that just me and my family?

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