DIY Shower Bombs

Shower Bombs MamasCoffeeBreak

I love shower bombs, they can transform a regular hot shower into a relaxing spa moment or into a moment of relief during cold and flu season.  They are so easy to make and inexpensive too. You can customize shower bombs using your favorite essential oils or by using a combination of oils to help with different aspects; sinus relief, cold and flu, relaxation and even energizing; the list is endless. They have so many benefits and possibilities. 

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Night-time Skin Care Routine


Night-time Skin Care Routine MamasCoffeeBreak



I have to admit, there were times in my youth that I didn’t take off my makeup or I used a face wipe (they dry out your skin more) and didn’t even bother with moisturizer (biggest cringe). Then came wisdom meaning signs of aging skin. I now religiously take off my makeup every night and moisturize; it doesn’t matter how late it is or how many cocktails I have drank, I can’t sleep until it all comes off.

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How to Organize Nail Polish


How to Organize Nail Polish -


Do you have a little or maybe a lot of nail polish? Do you have them scattered throughout the house never knowing where your favorite colour is? If so this post is for you… How to Organize Nail Polish

I have tried a few different ways to organize mine over the years and I know I will probably try a few new different ways to organize them in the future. For now I am organizing my nail polish in a clear plastic container. You could also use a cardboard shoe box instead of the plastic container but I have a lot of bottles of nail polish and I prefer the sturdy plastic box especially when I am carrying it from room to room.

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How to fix broken makeup

How to fix broken makeup MamasCoffeeBreak


Dropping your makeup on a hard floor is a heart-wrenching moment. As it hits the floor and you see that your favorite blusher is now in pieces… But have no fear if you have surgical spirits near! (lol!)

Surgical spirits is also known as rubbing alcohol, it is a cheap, easy and great way to fix your broken blushers, pressed powders or eye shadows. In a few steps, you can fix your makeup and have it as good as new.

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