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Nature Scavenger Hunt- MamasCoffeeBreak

I made this printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for my two munchkins, now that summer is in full swing. I wanted to avoid the “I’m bored” moaning and get them outside more.

Like most kids my two love exploring. When I handed them this printable, they ran straight to the garden. They loved it so much, that they didn’t call my name once while they were outside. I had the chance to finish a hot cup of coffee, watch them help each other and to listen to them talk to each other about all the critters that they have found. They walked around the garden marking off what they saw on the printable with either a crayon or marker.

The printable can be used in different ways, a couple of other ideas you can do is:

Have the kids collect the items on the printable that they can; leaf, flower. Bring them home and let the kids stick them on a piece of paper  with some glue to make a collage of the items they have found.

Another fun idea is let them take photos of the items and when they get home they can look at the pictures they have taken. 

This printable can be used anywhere in the garden, in the park or even a walk around the neighborhood.

You can print the Nature Scavenger Hunt here.

Happy hunting!


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