DIY Shower Bombs

Shower Bombs MamasCoffeeBreak

I love shower bombs, they can transform a regular hot shower into a relaxing spa moment or into a moment of relief during cold and flu season.  They are so easy to make and inexpensive too. You can customize shower bombs using your favorite essential oils or by using a combination of oils to help with different aspects; sinus relief, cold and flu, relaxation and even energizing; the list is endless. They have so many benefits and possibilities. 

 I purchased the bread soda/baking soda from Tesco and the essential oils from Holland & Barrett.

Ingredients you need:

Bread Soda/baking soda

Distilled water

Essential oils approx. 25 drops

Silicone Mould


1.Place the bread soda/ baking soda in a bowl.

2.Slowly add the water, while you mix. Keep adding the water until you get a wet sand consistency. You want to be able to pick the mixture up and when you squeeze it in your hand, the shape holds.

Shower Bombs MamasCoffeeBreak

3. Once you have the desired consistency add your essential oils. Mix the mixture well until the oils are infused in it. Place the mixture in your moulds, use a spoon to flatten them down.

4. Leave overnight to dry.

Shower Bombs MamasCoffeeBreak

5.Remove from the mould and place in airtight container either a jar or Ziploc bag.

Shower Bombs MamasCoffeeBreak

When you are using the shower bomb, place it away from direct water in the shower, placing it at the back  or in the corner of the shower is best. With the heat of the shower, the shower bomb will slowly dissolve while releasing the aroma of the essential oils  in the air…Bliss!

I do have to warn you, that once you start using shower bombs, you will never have a shower again without them.

When using moulds, they do not have to be silicone. Though silicone are the easiest. You can use muffin trays , cupcake liners  or even ice cube trays.

Be aware it is not advised for children to use shower bombs.

You can print out the recipe below.

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