Organizing Lego Manuals


Organize Lego Manuals MamasCoffeeBreak


Having a Lego fanatic in the house, you can be sure we are not short on Lego which also means Lego manuals.

I needed a solution for manuals, so they would no longer be on the floor each night. So we tried putting them in a box, which was not for my son. The manuals still ended up on the floor at the end of the day.

Then we tried a ring binder and my son loved it immediately and he started right away putting the manuals into the clear sleeves. I wanted to make it easy for him to find the manuals he was looking for and even easier for him to put them away. So off I went to Google for some clip art and made him some dividers for each type of Lego set he had ie City, Scooby doo etc.

Organize Lego Manuals MamasCoffeeBreakOrganize Lego Manuals MamasCoffeeBreakOrganize Lego Manuals MamasCoffeeBreak





Now my son knows where all is Lego manuals are and where their home is at the end of the day!

How do you store Lego manuals?

How to Organize Lego Manuals xoxo                    

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