How to Organize Nail Polish


How to Organize Nail Polish -


Do you have a little or maybe a lot of nail polish? Do you have them scattered throughout the house never knowing where your favorite colour is? If so this post is for you… How to Organize Nail Polish

I have tried a few different ways to organize mine over the years and I know I will probably try a few new different ways to organize them in the future. For now I am organizing my nail polish in a clear plastic container. You could also use a cardboard shoe box instead of the plastic container but I have a lot of bottles of nail polish and I prefer the sturdy plastic box especially when I am carrying it from room to room.

When I have all the nail polish in the box, it is hard to see the colours of each one without picking up each bottle. So I wanted to eliminate that time spent on finding the colour I was looking for, so I got some white sticker tags and painted each tag with a different colour nail polish, but remember to line up each polish in the same order as you paint the tags so you will know which colour goes to each bottle. It can get very confusing very fast with all the different shades that you own. After the nail polish on the sticker tags have dried, you can either use a standard hole puncher or trace the top of the nail polish bottle onto the painted tags and cut them out and stick the painted sticker tags on the top of the correct coloured nail polish bottles. So when you look into your nail polish box, you can see all the nail polish colours without having to pick up each bottle! Sigh!!


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You can arrange the nail polish bottles in the box into colours or size of the bottles or no order at all.


How to Organize Nail Polish -


You can also add to the nail polish box a nail file, hand and foot lotion, cuticle cream, cuticle cutters, nail polish remover and anything else you use when giving yourself a pedicure or manicure and your new plastic nail polish box turns into an all in all manicure box.


How to Organize Nail Polish -


How to you organize your nail polish?

How to Organize Nail Polish -

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