How to Keep cool with a fan!


How to keep cool with a fan MamasCoffeeBreak


So today is going to be a hot one here in Dublin, the highest temperature will reach 30 degrees Celsius. It will be the hottest day of the year so far. To some that may not be very hot considering where you might live, but to us Irish folk it is. We are not blessed with air conditioning either, our form of air conditioning is opening a window or door to let in more humid air into the house or using a fan to blow more warm air at us.

Today I am going to share a tip on keeping cool during this hot weather when you don’t have any form of air conditioner. I always did this tip when I lived in California and it really does help with cooling the room down.

You do need a fan for this tip, any size it does not matter.


How to keep cool with a fan MamasCoffeeBreak

Get a shallow bowl (metal is best) and put ice in it.


Keeping cool with a fan MamasCoffeeBreak

Place the bowl in front of the fan; adjust the fan to blow towards the bowl of ice. As the ice melts, it will cool the air. Once the ice is melted, the cold water in the bowl will continue to cool the air. You can also use a frozen water bottle or milk jug just place it in front of the fan, and cool air will be blown in your direction. Just be careful when doing this tip as water and electricity to not go well together as you know.

Have you guys used this tip before? Do you have any other tips on keeping cool?

I hope this little tip helps with cooling you down today. If you are going to go out and enjoy the sun remember to use sun cream!

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