The Easiest Chocolate Birthday Cake



Easiest Chocolate Birthday Cake


Having a 6 year old in the house means every birthday needs a cake I have learned. It was my birthday over the weekend and I was looking forward to a relaxing quiet weekend, when my son asked me could he help me bake the birthday cake. My relaxing weekend is gone, I thought. Don’t get me wrong, everybody’s birthday I get out the baking dishes and bake each cake from scratch spending hours decorating it; but I really didn’t want to do that for my birthday!

But in true Mummy’s mode, off we went to the store to get some ingredients. Dragging my feet down the aisle, My son got to the baking aisle before me. I stood starring at all the dry ingredients; wanting just to relax rather than bake, but my son was too excited. My point of return was already over when I walked into the store.

As my son was telling me what kind of cake he wanted to bake (Chocolate of course) my eyes locked on to a box on the top shelve; Betty Crocker – chocolate cake mix. Why have I never thought of this before? Add eggs, oil and water and bake!! Right beside the cake mix, they also had chocolate icing, ready to put on the cake!! My relaxing weekend is back on plan.

We went to pick up candy for the toppings of the cake and off we went home to bake it. We followed the directions on the packet and ended up with two 8in perfect looking cakes. We let them cool, while gathering the ingredients to decorate the cake.

Easiest Chocolate Birthday Cake


After we let the cake cool, we used the chocolate icing to sandwich the two 8in cakes together. Then we put the remainder icing all over the cake. We got chocolate finger biscuits and placed them all around the cake, the icing helped the biscuits to stick. I used a Ferrero Rocher for the centre of the cake and then used chocolate fingers to divide the top of the cake into 6 sections. We used the bags of sweets that my son picked out and we put them into each section; Smarties, Twirl bites, M&M’s, Reeses mini cups and Maltesers. Any toppings you fancy, you can use; jelly worms, jelly babies etc.

The end result was perfect. This cake did not take much time making or cleaning up after, which meant I still could have the weekend i wanted. It just showed me how easy a boxed cake mix and icing is. Decorating the cake, i honestly thought it was going to be harder than it was. The way I decorated the cake has now turned into my go to, it was that easy. Would I use boxed mixes again, sure as day, but I do enjoy baking cakes from scratch.

*I was not sponsored to write this post; all materials I purchased myself. These are my own views.

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