How to Melt Crayons



Recycle crayons - How to Melt Crayons


Having an enthusiastic artist in the house, we use a lot of crayons, which means we are left with a lot of broken or stubby pieces of crayons. Instead of throwing them away I love to recycle crayons by melting them. It has turned into one of those things I do every few months. You can melt crayons into different shapes using Silicone Molds. If you were having a party and the theme was Lego for instance, you could melt the crayons into Lego molds and put them in the party bag or melt them into hearts and give them to your child’s friends for Valentine’s Day or use a spooky pumpkin mold and hand them out on Halloween instead of candy. There are endless options you can do with your little one when you melt crayons.

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