Rice Krispie Squares



Rice Krispie Squares MamasCoffeeBreak


Rice Krispie squares are a great recipe for the whole family. To mix the classic recipe up, add different toppings to the Rice Krispie squares like chocolate chips, M&M’s, and smarties.

Rice Krispie Squares MamasCoffeeBreak                                                                     Ingredients.


Rice Krispie Squares MamasCoffeeBreak                               Melted marshmallow and butter. Ready to be mixed.


Rice Krispie Squares MamasCoffeeBreak                                                                   Mix, mix, mix!


Rice Krispie Squares MamasCoffeeBreak                                                                   Topping time!


Rice Krispie Squares MamasCoffeeBreak



Do you like the classic Rice Krispie squares? Or do you add toppings?

Rice Krispie Squares recipe xoxo








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