Night-time Skin Care Routine


Night-time Skin Care Routine MamasCoffeeBreak



I have to admit, there were times in my youth that I didn’t take off my makeup or I used a face wipe (they dry out your skin more) and didn’t even bother with moisturizer (biggest cringe). Then came wisdom meaning signs of aging skin. I now religiously take off my makeup every night and moisturize; it doesn’t matter how late it is or how many cocktails I have drank, I can’t sleep until it all comes off.

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Ideas for 24 days of elf on the shelf


Mornings in December are filled with a lot of fun for the kids in this house, running around to see what mischief the elf on the shelf got into while they slept. With only 5 days left until the arrival of our elves on the shelf; Winter and James. I wanted to share this video to help you guys with some ideas for your elf while they visit you this year.

Original Toll house Cookie Recipe


Toll House Cookies


When I lived in America, this Original Toll house Cookie recipe was one of mine and my son’s favourite cookies. When we moved back to Ireland , somehow I completely forgot about them and only last week I found the recipe tucked into my recipe book. I made a batch yesterday and I am so happy I found this recipe again. It was gobbled up by family and friends who has never tried them before. This recipe has once again returned to my go to recipe. Give this easy recipe a try and let me know what you think!







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How to clean your washing machine



How to clean your washing machine MamasCoffeeBreak


Have you ever experienced a funky/musty smell from your clothes after they have been washed or a smelly washing machine? No matter how many times you wash, you can’t seem to get rid of the smell?

Having a smelly washing machine is more common than you think. With only 2 simple ingredients, your washing machine can smell like new again. You don’t need to wait until your washing machine starts to smell before cleaning it. I use this method every 4 – 6 weeks to avoid smells.

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