How to Declutter your Wardrobe




How to Declutter your wardrobe MamasCoffeeBreak


I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to clothes, I have too many and when it comes to picking out clothes to wear, I never have any! Figures!! We have all been there, holding on to clothes that we never have worn or no longer wear hoping or thinking one day we will wear it. So with the sun out, spring cleaning is in full swing in the house. There are so many areas of the house I want to tackle and clean but the first one on the agenda is the closet. Like I said before too many clothes is the problem here. I removed everything from the wardrobe, giving it a thorough clean inside and out. Before I put the clothes back in, I went through them and donated and tossed some items.

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Organizing with DIY Wardrobe Tags



Organizing with DIY Wardrobe Tags MamasCoffeeBreak


When it comes to my kid’s wardrobes, they have clothes not only in their current size but in bigger sizes too, especially my 2 year old. Picking out clothes at times, involve looking for the label for the size. So to eliminate that extra time spent, I decided to make some wardrobe tags for them (well me), that will help organize clothes by age group.

Wardrobe tags are a fun, cheap, easy project and not to mention so satisfying when you open the wardrobe!

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